Siobhan manages LeadDog operations and assists with client-related programs in a project management role. She manages LeadDog’s recruiting efforts and is also responsible for ongoing research and identification of strategic partnership opportunities.

Siobhan is also the proud mother of Ashling Mary (her daughter’s resemblance to her mother is uncanny – see the picture to the right)
Siobhan holds a Master’s Degree from Trinity College Dublin. She is fluent in French and German and to date has not needed to use either one of these languages at LeadDog…. YET that is.

Siobhan Dennehy, Vice President
  Manager of Special Events and International Marketing Services at the NBA (1990 – 1996)
  US Human Resources liaison for regionally based staff; developed staffing and training 
     programs, including the International Management Training Program
  As the Manager of International Services, Siobhan managed the day-to-day global marketing, 
     promotional, business and staffing activities for the NBA's ten worldwide offices
  Coordinated cross-functional teams of NBA staff and vendors for annual international events    
  Participated in developing and implementing over 25 televised domestic and international 
     NBA events
  Responsible for the production of event marketing, creative planning and logo development for
     NBA events
  Participated in the site selection and bid specification processes for events