Press Box


NEW YORK, NY– January 16, 2001

Tara Nott, 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist Weightlifter, has signed a four-year agreement to serve as a national spokesperson for Explosive Power International (EPI), creators of a new conditioning system that effectively measures and analyzes the power and technique in lifting free weights.

As spokesperson, Nott will participate in a series of one-day national clinics, titled "Fitness For Your Future", focused on strength and fitness instruction for girls ages 13-18. In addition, Nott will serve as a consultant to Explosive Power International regarding the development and marketing of the Explosive Power Analysis System (EPAS) and its products.

Nott lifted a total of 407.75-pounds (combined in two lifts, the snatch and the clean-and-jerk) in the 48kg weight class to become the first American to win an Olympic weightlifting gold medal since 1960 and becoming the first woman in the world to earn a gold medal in the event. The Sydney Games marked the first time women participated in the Olympic weightlifting competition. "When I first used EPAS, I was amazed at how it broke down every movement and measured the power in my lift," said Nott. "At any point, I could identify exactly where my balance and technique was off. This is a tremendous system not only for competitive lifters, but for anyone interested in strength training as a part of their daily fitness routine. I am looking forward to working with Explosive Power and being a part of "Fitness For Your Future." It is clear that they understand the health benefits of lifting weights and the need to encourage young girls and women to get involved in strength training."

Established in May 2000, Explosive Power International (EPI) was formed to develop the market for the EPAS. The EPAS technology measures 32 characteristics of an individual lift while capturing the workout on synchronized video. The primary benefactors of the system are youth athletes currently in junior and senior high school. The system provides young athletes the opportunity to safely and effectively learn the proper techniques in lifting weights while enhancing overall fitness and athletic performance.

"Tara embodies what is right with fitness and athletic development in America today," said Dr. Micheal Thompson, President of Explosive Power International. "Her commitment to be the very best is in perfect step with EPI’s commitment to bring advanced testing and development to the strength and conditioning industry. We are excited about our relationship with Tara and we look forward to bringing a new dimension to female physical fitness and athletic development."

Formerly an all-state gymnast and soccer player (NCAA Division I & U.S. Olympic Festival Team Captain), Nott first became interested in weightlifting while serving on the soccer competition staff for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Raised in Stilwell, Kansas, Nott currently resides at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her success and passion to compete have not gone unnoticed. In 1999 she was named the Olympic Training Center Athlete of the Year and is currently a nominee for the 2000 U.S. Olympic Spirit Award, awarded to the athlete who has most inspired others by upholding and representing Olympic ideals.